Tackling A Mouse Infestation Inside Your Merrimac Home

Mice are small rodents that routinely live near humans and plague homes and businesses in this region. Mice operate primarily as scavengers that will enter homes seeking sources of food, water, or shelter.

Are you a local resident struggling with an existing mouse infestation? Based on their reproductive capacity, keep in mind that what begins as a relatively minor intrusion by one or two mice might quickly evolve into a much larger problem that requires treatment from a local professional. A properly qualified Merrimac pest control company will determine the most appropriate treatment option for removing these pests and suggest preventative measures that will keep mice away from the premises.

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Types Of Mice That Commonly Invade Merrimac Homes

The common house mouse is the most prevalent invader seen in this region. From nose to tail, house mice have small, round bodies that measure between five and seven inches long, meaning that they will enter homes through tiny openings. The house mouse has beady, black eyes and fur that appears brown or grey.

How Mice Create Damage And Spread Disease

As with the majority of rodents in Merrimac, mice routinely gnaw on objects, which is a concern for homeowners when it involves electrical wiring that might create fire risks. What are the diseases mice carry? Mice are known carriers of leptospirosis, salmonellosis, tularemia, and several other health risks.

Five Simple Ways To Prevent Future Mice Infestations

Are you wondering how to keep mice out of your house? Property owners should consider adopting some of the following best preventative measures:

  • Once or twice each year, closely examine the lower area around the structure near the foundation for the presence of any cracks or other openings that might allow access and fill them with a weather-resistant caulk or sealant.
  • Install sweeps as needed for filling gaps beneath exterior doors.
  • Promptly and thoroughly clean up all food remnants and packaging materials after barbeques or picnics in your exterior yard area.
  • Prevent mice or other types of rodents from accessing trash containing food scraps by placing bags both indoors and outdoors in sturdy garbage cans with tightly-fitting lids.
  • Limit attractants in kitchen areas by regularly sweeping any crumbs from the floors.

Many of the homeowners who experience success in their rodent prevention efforts will adopt a multi-faceted approach that involves implementing exclusionary measures that physically limit access, promptly addressing any exterior maintenance problems, and minimizing the presence of food and other attractants.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice?

The qualified specialists with Freedom Pest Control know how to get rid of mouse infestations that develop in the homes of Merrimac-area residents. Additionally, our trained professionals understand the best mouse prevention strategies that will effectively limit unwanted intrusions. Our technicians remain committed to the safety of our valued customers and the protection of the local environment that we share.

Having assistance from a professional is generally the best way of responding to intrusions involving mice and similar types of pests. Do-it-yourself home pest control products such as baiting stations, snap traps, or sticky traps are often insufficient against larger rodent infestations and pose risks for those with pets or small children. In many instances, individuals who try these options find themselves still struggling with the presence of pests weeks or months later.

Once you notify Freedom Pest Control, we will send an expert to your home that will perform an exhaustive interior and exterior assessment of the property, which helps with identifying entry points and locating potential nesting sites. Next, our professional will address any of your questions or concerns and explain the best course of remedial action. Contact our team today for further information.

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