How To Deal With A Hornets Nest On Your Merrimac Property

Did you know that hornets are bigger, more aggressive types of wasps? You should look to eliminate these pests when they show up around your Merrimac property. Hornets are not like bees, meaning they can sting you more than once without dying. On top of that, a hornet sting can be even more painful.

It would be best to use caution when dealing with hornets around your home in Merrimac. But if you want total protection, check out our Merrimac pest control company. Please keep reading to learn about our tips for hornet prevention around your home and what we can do to protect you.

stinging insects on a nest

Are Hornets Attracted To Light?

Most bugs are attracted to light, and hornets are no different. Hornets will fly into floodlights or bright bulbs in your home just like a moth would. However, this has no bearing on whether or not they will infest your home.

If you have a lot of light outside, you can take them down or turn them off, but this won’t stop a nest from being built. Many hornets will not make their nests near these bright lights anyway, choosing holes instead in the ground and cracks in the roof. Plus, removing flood or hazard lights from your property could be counterintuitive for the security of your home.

Do Bug Zappers Attract And Kill Hornets?

Technically, yes, a bug zapper can attract and kill hornets. However, you shouldn’t need to rely on a bug zapper to care for your hornet problem. Here are a few more practical steps you can take to prevent wasps and hornets around your home:

  • Keep your yard decluttered.
  • Install mesh screens on doors and windows.
  • Fill in holes around your property.
  • Keep your doors and windows closed, especially during the summer.
  • Plant mint, basil, and wormwood around your yard.
  • Store your trash away from any entry points.

When you take steps to prevent hornets around your home, you should be cautious. If you check for nests, do not engage if you are allergic or if your safety is at risk.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Spray A Hornet Nest?

Hornets and wasps are very active midday and love warm weather. If you plan to spray a nest around your property, you should only do so when activity is at a lull. The best time to spray a hornet nest is at night or early in the morning. If you notice a new nest, you should take it on as quickly as possible because it will only grow over time. A few hornets can turn into an entire colony in just a few weeks.

The main reason hornets are so dangerous is that they are aggressive compared to typical wasps. If they are alone, away from their nest, they will go out of their way to attack you. However, around their nests, they will enlist the aid of their entire colony to repeatedly sting and in some cases, bite you.

Let Freedom Pest Control Do The Hard Work By Removing Hornet Nests

Hornets can be very dangerous and deadly, even if you’re allergic! Let our professional pest control team at Freedom Pest Control handle your wasp problem for you. At Freedom Pest Control, we have a wide range of treatment options for stinging pests around your home.

We aim for long-term protection when it comes to keeping hornets away. Hornets can become a costly problem, and chemical sprays don’t always have a lasting effect. Our solutions can protect your home while ensuring you don’t break the bank on harmful aerosols. Call us at Freedom Pest Control to learn more about our protection membership plans today.

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