How To Keep Opossums Away From Your Portsmouth Home

Keeping opossums away from your Portsmouth home may seem like a difficult task, but there are several easy prevention tips you can implement. Additionally, you can reach out to Portsmouth pest control for help removing an active opossum infestation or protecting your home from this pest.

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What Attracts Opossums To Your Home?

Like other critters, opossums may be attracted to your home for many reasons. These reasons, however, are often based upon easy access to food, water, and shelter. Keep in mind that if you reduce access to any of these items, you have a better chance of deterring an infestation of wildlife around your home.

Opossums, in general, are attracted to:

  • Areas that hold trash, especially overflowing trash cans that are easy to get into
  • Uncovered compost heaps
  • Fallen fruit or nuts in your yard
  • Water or moist areas such as ponds, drainage ditches, or sewers
  • Overgrown foliage or shrubbery to hide in
  • Sheltered burrows such as holes in your yard or the crawl spaces under homes and elevated sheds

You should note that opossums can bring with them significant health risks such as disease transmission and the introduction of fleas, ticks, and mites onto your property. If you see an opossum around your yard, you should contact Freedom Pest Control immediately before a problem gets out of hand.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Opossums?

One of the easiest ways to deter opossums from your yard is actually by having a dog. The odor of dog urine is something that opossums hate, and they will not come near your yard if it carries this scent. If owning a dog isn’t a possibility, you can try to ward off opossums with strategically placed mothballs or by contacting Freedom Pest Control for more advice.

Five Tips To Keeping Opossums Off Your Property

If you want to keep opossums off your property, you can implement the following five prevention tips. These steps can help deter infestations and keep your property protected year-round:

  • Keep outside trash cans covered with heavy or lockable lids and ensure that all trash bags are tightly sealed. This will prevent attractive aromas and stop opossums from scavenging.
  • Cover up outdoor compost piles and remove access to outdoor pet food. You may also want to ensure that outdoor decks and patios don’t have food or drinks left on them.
  • Invest in motion-sensor lights or floodlights for your yard. This extra illumination will deter opossums from invading certain areas and make your property less hospitable to this pest.
  • Fix up moisture issues around your property and ensure proper drainage in your yard and gutters.
  • Install a fence around your property to keep opossums out. Make sure to place mesh loosely on top of any fence to make it wobbly and prevent opossums from climbing over.

Efficient Opossum Removal in Portsmouth

For efficient opossum removal in Portsmouth that you can count on, you should contact Freedom Pest Control. Our professionals can inspect your property and identify areas that opossums are attempting to settle in and will then develop tailored solutions to your home’s exact opossum removal needs. With the help of our experts, you won’t need to deal with this pest and risk potential health hazards – sit back and relax as Freedom Pest Control takes care of your opossum problem for good.

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