What Every Portsmouth Resident Should Know About Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are an unsettlingly common problem for homeowners, and they can happen to anyone. Keep reading to learn how to identify bed bugs, as well as bed bug habits and behaviors. Also, learn why professional pest control in Portsmouth is the easiest and best way to treat bed bugs.

Freedom Pest Control has been helping homes and businesses eliminate bed bugs in Portsmouth since 1994. If you need help getting rid of bed bugs, reach out today and gain back your life!

Bed Bug

Bed Bug Identification Guide

You may have seen bed bugs in pictures or, worse yet – in real life. However, this bed bug identification guide will help you so you can take preventative action against bed bugs.

Let’s start off with bed bug eggs; they are tiny, pearly white, and after five days, you should be able to see an eye spot on them. When they hatch, young bed bugs, or nymphs, emerge. Young bed bugs are tiny and nearly translucent, making them difficult to see.

After several molts, nymphs develop into adults. Adult bed bugs are:

  • About the size of an apple seed
  • Reddish-brown
  • Wingless
  • Flat and oval-shaped

The bed bug life cycle consists of six life cycles, from the time that they are eggs until their last nymph stage, where they can reach the size of ⅛ inch.

The Typical Habits And Behaviors Of Bed Bugs

Understanding the habits and behaviors of bed bugs will help you get rid of bed bugs faster and more efficiently (or help you prevent the presence of bed bugs in the first place!)

As you might guess, bed bugs primarily feed on humans. However, they also feed on other mammals and birds. They will travel 5 to 20 feet from established hiding places to feed on a host. They primarily feed at night but will seek out food in the day if they are hungry.

Not-so-fun-fact: did you know that each female may produce one to three eggs per day, and 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime?

Why Bed Bugs Have Infested Your Home

If bed bugs have infested your Portsmouth home, you’re probably wondering where they came from. Unlike most pests, bed bugs do not invade from the outdoors around your property. Instead, they “hitchhike” from place to place on our personal belongings, such as suitcases, purses, and even clothing. Any place where large numbers of people spend time can be a hotspot for bed bugs. Some of the most common locations to find bed bugs include public transportation, hotels and motels, college dorms, apartment complexes, and nursing homes. Unfortunately, any home can be vulnerable to a bed bug infestation.

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Way To Treat For Bed Bugs

Every pest is different, and bed bug removal is one of the most difficult pests to DIY. Professional bed bug control in Portsmouth is the easiest, safest, and overall best way to treat bed bugs.

Freedom Pest Control is the go-to company for bed bug removal in Portsmouth. Since 1994, our team of professionals has treated bed bugs using only the best practices and treatments. Following a bed bug inspection, we will discuss your options for bed bug treatment. We offer traditional treatments, heat treatments, and a combination of the two. If you’re ready to put bed bugs behind you, call Freedom Pest Control today for a free quote.

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