What Every Portsmouth Resident Should Know About Bat Control

The only thing more frightening than spotting bats near your property is discovering them inside your house. These flying mammals are not just a symbol of Halloween and scary movies but a reality that many homeowners in the New England area experience.

At Freedom Pest Control, we’re ready to get rid of the bats by providing exceptional pest control in Portsmouth to remove them from your property. Read on to learn more about these interesting creatures, their unusual habits, and how partnering with a quality pest control company can make your residence a no-fly zone for bats.

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Bats Hiding Spots

Bats in Portsmouth are masters at doing two things exceptionally well: terrifying residents and hiding out. These animals prefer to roost and rest in dark spaces where they’re not disturbed, especially in areas where they can hang upside down with their cloak-like wings draped around them. Bats like to hide behind curtains, shutters, and upholstered furniture. They also prefer hanging clothing, house plants, or under boards. Bats will inhabit tree cavities in your yard. Keep the bats out by sealing or patching up gaps or crevices where these creatures access the inside of your home from the outdoors.

If additional assistance is needed, do not hesitate to contact your local bat control for your property.

Five Interesting Bat Facts

When you thought a bat was merely an odd-looking, flying rat, it turns out there’s more to these winged mammals than meets the eye. They’re not only a symbol in pop culture of all things ominous, but they have a few fascinating characteristics that many people may not know. Take a look at these five facts about bats:

  1. Their excrement makes highly-effective fertilizers used in farming. 
  2. They have a voracious appetite for insects and can eat up to 1,200 mosquitoes an hour.
  3. Their night vision is top-notch, able to detect prey in total darkness.
  4. They are neither birds nor rodents but are mammals just like us.
  5. They are not bloodthirsty creatures as folklore would have you believe.

There is no need to worry about these animals feeding on your blood. Their primary diet consists of insects that typically pester most people. Despite a few favorable qualities, it’s still an unsettling feeling when bats are around. Therefore, contact professional bat control in Portsmouth for assistance with removal.  

How To Go About Bat Removal In Portsmouth

Since bats play such a crucial role in our ecosystem in controlling insect populations, it's essential to have specialists remove them properly and humanely through what’s called exclusion. This process can take two to four days and uses materials such as tubes and netting instead of lethal chemicals or devices. An experienced pest management company will be able to explain this option of bat pest control in detail to you.

Bat Removal Made Easy By The Pros At Freedom Pest Control

It isn’t reassuring to discover bats in your home. They are creepy-looking and can create a dangerous situation for your household due to the serious diseases they carry. Therefore, it’s highly discouraged to effectuate your methods to remove these flying animals from your property. Partnering with a reputable pest control company will always be the best way to control bats in Portsmouth.

For nearly 30 years, Freedom Pest Control has provided advanced pest management and removal services that our residents can rely on. We take the most effective approach to bat control in and around your home to restore your good quality of life and comfort. Get in touch with us today to request a free quote.

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