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Effective Pest Control for Your Massachusetts Or New Hampshire Home

Pests are prolific in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and even in the coldest winter months, your home can be at risk of an infestation. When a pest infestation occurs, it threatens your family’s safety and health, and the sooner it’s dealt with, the better. Freedom Pest Control provides residential services that focus on protecting your family and home from pests and the diseases they spread. Using Integrated Pest Management methodology, our goal is to develop the best course of action for your home using environmentally sustainable solutions.

We service many different kinds of pests including but not limited to:


Stinging Pests
Bed Bugs
Carpenter Ants
All Flies


Stink Bugs
Carpenter Bees


Yellow Jackets
Voles & Moles
Bird Pests
And Much More!

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A Customizable IPM Pest Control Plan For Every Home

Our Gold Protection Plan offers comprehensive, year-round protection against the most common home-invading pests at a significant discount. With two foundation treatments scheduled for the spring and the fall and emergency visits available at no additional cost, this plan is optimal for protecting your property long-term against pests.

Comprehensive Home Pest Control Inspection

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Pest Identification

We’ll begin by identifying the pests and problems in and around your home that you’ve alerted us to.

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Thorough Inspection

A thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your house helps us identify any other pest problems present in your home.

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Conducive Conditions

We will locate conducive conditions that can be corrected in order to prevent pest infestations before they occur.

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Plan Development

Once we have identified your pest problem, we’ll develop a plan to treat and eliminate it.

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Plan Implementation

Once your pest control plan has been developed, we'll put it into action to eliminate your pest threats.

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If and when necessary, we will return to your home to perform follow-up treatments. Your service is guaranteed.

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Additional service offerings

We also offer the additional following services:


Customer Portal At Your Fingertips!

At Freedom Pest Control, we are making it easier than ever to manage and schedule pest management! Our customers can easily manage their pest control from their phone or computer while in the comfort of their own homes. Our Customer Portal is a secure, encrypted platform that allows you to safely manage services and payments, even on the go! Below are some of the benefits of our Customer Portal:

  • Request service

  • View upcoming services

  • View inspection reports

  • View Invoices, manage payments, update payment information

  • Update communication preferences

  • Contact us directly through the portal, communicate directly to your Freedom Pest Control account

The Right Pest Control Plan For Your
Massachusetts OR New Hampshire Home

Your treatment plan is specifically designed for the pest issues causing problems in your home. We use Integrated Pest Management best practices which state in part that we begin the treatment process using the least toxic methods aimed at treating only the pest in question.

Once we’ve instituted this plan, we’ll perform follow-up inspections to ensure the treatment is working. This re-inspection process allows us to determine the effectiveness of the treatment as well as what the next steps should be to maintain your pest-free home.

For more information about indoor pesticide applications, please visit this bulletin from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

What is IPM?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that employs a blend of common sense practices. IPM programs utilize information about the life cycle of pests and how they interact with and impact their environment, and combines it with pest control methods to manage pests in the most economical and least hazardous way to people, the environment, and property. At Freedom Pest Control we utilize the IPM methodology in all of our pest control services.


Service Area


Guaranteed Solutions for your Toughest pest problems


Guaranteed Services From Local Experts

If pests have gotten into your home, you want to take several things into consideration when deciding how to get them out. Time is of the essence in order to minimize the damage they cause, but you also want to avoid any treatments that are harmful for your family. At Freedom Pest Control, we provide eco-friendly solutions that are safe and effective. Our service technicians are experts in the field and receive ongoing education to make sure they remain the best in the business. With guaranteed results, you can’t go wrong with Freedom Pest Control. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


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