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Trusted Pest Control In Peabody, MA

The historic city of Peabody is located in Massachusetts' famous North Shore. As the home to attractions like the John Proctor House and the George Peabody House Museum, there is never a shortage of things for locals and visitors to see. As a modern city, Peabody also offers excellent public schools, beautiful parks and golf courses, and an impressive list of restaurants. Given the area’s seasonal New England climate, pests are a constant issue. At Freedom Pest Control, we work to provide local homeowners and businesses with pest control services that last. Every service that we offer is customized to the needs of our customers and built around the ideals of Integrated Pest Management. By following these protocols, we are prioritizing safety and sustainability for both our customers and the environment. For more information on our trusted pest control in Essex County, please contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Peabody 

Pest problems happen throughout the year in the homes around Peabody, but we can help you avoid and prevent them. At Freedom Pest Control, we work with local homeowners to support them in moments of pest crisis and also keep their homes protected from future issues. We’re able to accomplish this goal with customized Integrated Pest Management plans that address a variety of pests, from cockroaches and rodents to mosquitoes and ticks.

With our Gold Protection Plan, your home will be protected throughout the year, and during spring and fall, we’ll apply a specific barrier treatment. This program means that you will never have to worry about dealing with pests alone. Our QualityPro certified technicians are the most qualified in their field and will uphold a sense of professionalism and courtesy during every visit. In addition to this program, we provide homeowners with targeted answers for pests like wildlife, termites, bed bugs, and more. To learn more about our residential pest control, contact us today. 


Why Mice Are A Serious Concern In Peabody

mice in tree

Mice are a near-constant issue for Peabody’s property owners for a multitude of reasons. Some of the most concerning facts include:

  • Year-round nature. While mice are most likely to invade a home when the weather has cooled off, they can enter a property at any time of the year if they’re in search of something to eat.

  • Other pests. Mice are very often the host to parasites like mites, ticks, and fleas, which they spread everywhere they go. This can be problematic for residents, especially those with pets.

  • Property damage. Like other rodents, mice have front incisor teeth that will grow very long if they don’t chew on things constantly. This means that property owners with mouse infestations can easily end up with holes in their walls and extra openings in their foundations.

  • Health risks. Through the accumulation of droppings, saliva, and urine, mice are linked with salmonella, hantavirus, tularemia, and other hazards.

For more information on mice prevention, contact Freedom Pest Control today. 

Here's What Makes Peabody Cockroaches So Dangerous  

close up of cockroach

For Peabody homeowners, cockroaches might seem like an occasional occurrence, one cockroach that scampers across the kitchen floor at a time. These pests are, however, far more dangerous than they appear. One of the reasons why cockroaches are so insidious is due to the potential size of an infestation. The average female cockroach lays one egg capsule, which contains many eggs, every six weeks, and those capsules then hatch in approximately one month. Cockroaches are capable of producing anywhere from 200 to 300 offspring per year, which means that their invasions are usually much larger than they appear.

In addition to their reproductive habits, the most common species of roach, the German cockroach, is developing a cross-resistance to commonly used pesticides. This makes the need for professional help all the more important. Finally, cockroaches are so dangerous because of the health risks that they’re associated with, like E. coli, salmonellosis, streptococcus, and cholera. For cockroach control that works, contact Freedom Pest Control today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Peabody 

At Freedom Pest Control, we provide Peabody’s businesses with expertly designed pest control programs that they can trust. Each of the technicians that you’ll work with is QualityPro certified, which means that they have undergone extensive training and uphold the highest quality standards. During the inspection process, we’re working to understand your needs and how pests interact with your property. Once we’ve gathered this information, we create a customized plan that will eliminate any current pest activity while also preventing future issues. We use state-of-the-art technology, like the INTRAP system, and environmentally responsible products for service that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Everything that we do at Freedom Pest Control is guided by our commitment to our customers, so you can always expect fair and honest pricing, reliable support, and scheduling that fits your day. To learn more about the benefits of commercial pest control, please contact us today. 


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