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Are Stinging Insects Buzzing Around Your Massachusetts Or New Hampshire Property?

The summer season may be short-lived here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, but that just means that when the weather is nice, we want to make the most of it. We don’t have time to deal with stinging insects taking over our property and making it difficult to spend time in our own backyards.

Stinging insects can be a mild annoyance for some people, somewhat frightening for others, and life-threatening to those with allergies to their stings. Getting them off of your property can be dangerous if you don’t have the knowledge or tools to do it right, and that's why Freedom Pest Control is here. Since 1994, we’ve been protecting families from dangerous pests and we can make your property a safe place, free of stinging insects.

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Our Stinging Insect Control process


Your service begins with an inspection so we can identify what stinging insects are on your property and where they are nesting. We can treat for the following stinging insects:

  • Bees

  • Wasps

  • Hornets


Our treatments are tailored to the specific stinging insect that is causing problems on your property. Depending on the insect, we’ll apply the proper treatment and remove the nest.

We strongly suggest that you don’t attempt to remove a stinging insect nest on your own. It can be very dangerous to do so because stinging insects are very territorial. If they feel that there is a threat to their nest, they will become extremely aggressive and will attack, often in large numbers.

Enjoy Your Yard This Summer Without The Threat Of Stinging Insects

No one wants to step outside their door into a swarm of stinging insects. These buzzing insects can make it hard to enjoy your time outside, and if you are allergic to their stings, coming into contact with them can have deadly consequences. Instead of staying indoors during the warmest months of the year, contact Freedom Pest Control instead. We can safely take care of your stinging insect problem so that you can get outside again. Your free, no-obligation quote is just a phone call away.

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Is your property overrun with stinging insects? We can help!

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