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What are termites?

Termites are small wood-eating pests responsible for causing billions of dollars in damages to structures across the United States each year. In the Northeast, subterranean termites are most prevalent.

many termites on rotten wood

Subterranean termites live together in vast colonies, dividing their members into three different groups: reproductives, soldiers, and workers. Subterranean termites create colonies in the ground near wood sources and move through the soil or specially designed tunnels known as mud tubes.

Are termites dangerous?

Believe it or not, termites, tiny insects that we rarely see, are among the most dangerous pests to invade your property. These insects don’t pose any significant harm to people, but the opposite is true for our homes. Termites are one of the most destructive pests around. They never sleep and work day and night to gather food to bring back to their nest to feed all their colony members. Termites have the potential to go undetected for long periods, allowing them to cause a lot of damage before their presence is finally noticed.

Why do I have a termite problem?

Subterranean termites typically find their way into structures one of two ways. First, through cracks, they come across in foundations, and second, through pieces of exterior wood that are making direct contact with the soil.

What initially attracts termites to a structure is moisture. Subterranean termites have very high moisture needs and are attracted to areas where water has pooled and cause wood to become damp and start decaying.

Things like clogged drains, leaking pipes, and poor ventilation will allow moisture to build up in and around your home and attract termites.

Where will I find termites?

When termites move into a home from the outside, they will travel through walls and floors, eventually making their way to the inside of structural wood pieces. Subterranean termites most commonly infest structural wood near water pipes, windows, doors, and behind sinks and tubs. Structural wood near leaky roofs is also regularly attacked by termites.

How do I get rid of termites?

At Freedom Pest Control, we are dedicated to our customers and helping them eliminate pests from their Massachusetts or New Hampshire properties. Through our thorough inspections, innovative and eco-friendly pest control services, and the use of advanced technology, we rid homes and businesses of termites and other pests and prevent them from returning. If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive termite control services in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, give our professionals a call today! Get freedom from unwanted pests with the help of Freedom Pest Control.

How can I prevent termites in the future?

Prevention is key when it comes to termites and the damage they cause. Taking the following steps can help keep termites from entering and damaging your home:

  • Regularly inspect your home’s foundation for termite mud tubes, a sure sign that an infestation is present. 

  • Seal cracks that develop in the foundation of your home.

  • Ensure that basements and crawl spaces are adequately ventilated to avoid moisture build-up in your home that will cause wood to become water damaged. 

  • Place woodpiles a distance away from the exterior of your home.

  • Keep the soil around the perimeter of your home dry by making sure that gutters are working correctly and shrubs and bushes are cut back away from your home’s exterior. 

  • Repair low-lying areas that will allow water to pool around your home’s foundation.

  • Maintain at least a 12-15 inch barrier between any soil or mulch and your home’s foundation. 

  • Ensure at least a six-inch gap between wooden siding, shingles, or trim, and the ground.

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