When roaches get into Merrimac homes, most homeowners find themselves perplexed. Cockroaches are almost always difficult to exterminate. Today, we're going to look at a few key reasons why roaches are so hard to get out of Merrimac homes. Some of them may surprise you.

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Built For Survival

First of all, cockroaches are robust insects that are hard to kill. If you don't know anything about cockroaches, this is what you need to know most.

  • Cockroaches can tolerate high levels of radiation and also chemical exposure.

  • Cockroaches can come in contact with many harmful microorganisms that can make humans sick and even lead to human mortality. These microorganisms don't kill the roaches. This makes cockroaches a vehicle to spread harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, and other pathogens.

  • A cockroach can survive for a week without its head. Yup. You read that correctly. This is because roaches don't breathe through their heads. They breathe through holes in their sides. If you cut a roach's head off, it will eventually die of thirst, not a lack of oxygen.

  • If you want to suffocate a cockroach, you can hold it underwater, but you're going to get bored long before you kill that roach. A cockroach can survive 40 minutes completely submerged.

Cockroaches Get Into Tight Spaces

Do you know that you can have thousands of cockroaches in between your hardwood floors and your subflooring? These insects get into some incredibly tight spaces. If you're considering a control product that is sprayed onto cockroaches, you should know that this is a futile approach. Only a fraction of the population of the roaches in your home will ever expose themselves enough for you to spray them.    

Cockroaches Are Adaptable

Have you ever sprayed a cockroach full-force with a toxic chemical and watched it walk away unharmed? It's because that cockroach, or its ancestor, was exposed to that chemical product. As a roach develops, it sheds its skin and creates new skins. It does this several times. If a cockroach nymph is exposed to chemical control agents, it can create a new skin that is more tolerant to that chemical. This can happen inside your home as you attempt to get rid of roaches. What's worse is that the roaches in your home could already be tolerant of the products you're using. This chemical resistance can be passed down to offspring. Many roaches in the United States are already immune to several control products at birth. If chemicals are used to completely destroy all cockroaches in a structure, a licensed pest management professional will use a mixture of products to ensure success. These products are carefully selected according to industry feedback and are applied with field-tested protocols to ensure safety. These products should not be selected or applied by an untrained individual.

Bait Aversion

Cockroaches eat a wide range of foods. They'll readily feed on sources of carbohydrates and protein. If you know this, you might think that baiting them will be easy. You're likely to be disappointed. Cockroach populations can develop an aversion to bait. If you select the wrong bait, or apply bait incorrectly, it can make the roaches in your home more difficult to exterminate.

In recent years, it has been discovered that some populations of German cockroaches are born with bait aversion. If you have these tan, black-striped roaches in your Merrimac home, you may already have a difficult task on your hands before you put anything down.

A licensed professional uses methods to evaluate which bait the roaches in your home will take—if any. This evaluation will allow your technician to properly administer a treatment plan that will achieve successful results.

It Is Impossible To Starve Cockroaches

If you're considering a plan to starve the cockroaches in your home and drive them out, you may want to reconsider that idea. Roaches don't just eat foods that you eat. They're also not limited to the foods your pets eat. They eat things that you wouldn't consider to be food, such as wallpaper paste, wallpaper, documents, cardboard, hair, dead skin, feces, and more. While it is certainly important to protect food sources and clean your home to remove potential food options, this will not work on its own to get control of the cockroaches in your home. It is only one component of a multi-pronged strategy to naturally deter roaches.

What Works Best To Get Cockroaches Out

Merrimac residents turn to Freedom Pest Control for effective cockroach control. We use Integrated Pest Management and industry-leading control solutions to get the best results, every time. Reach out to us today to request a cockroach control evaluation. We'll help you figure out what you're up against and guide you toward an effective answer to your roach issue.


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