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When you see the local wildlife running about far away from your property, it's likely they seem cute, cuddly, or like something special since they're a part of nature. However, this nearly magical feeling goes away the moment wildlife ends up on and inside your property.

The reason for this is because the local wildlife is a nuisance at the least and a threat to your property or safety at the most. In addition, they're often bigger than more traditional pests, which only add to the problems you'll face.

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Our wildlife control process

As soon as you suspect a wildlife infestation, make sure to contact our team of wildlife control experts. A member of the Freedom Pest wildlife nuisance team will arrive at your home and get started on identifying what animal has invaded, how it's getting inside, and the extent of the damage thus far.

Once we have answers to these questions and more, we'll develop a plan that humanely removes the wildlife from your property. During this step, we'll also advise you on how to avoid wildlife infestations in the future.

Without exception, the first step is to get the animals removed from the property, which we accomplish with humane traps or one-way doors, depending on the pest in question.

After we've verified the animals are removed, we get started on the necessary exclusion work to keep the animals from re-entering the property. Finally, we'll give you a plan to professionally clean and sanitize the affected area, including any droppings left behind.

Animals Covered By Our Services

Each animal requires a slightly different approach, which is why we've provided a further breakdown below. In addition, we offer different warranty periods depending on the animal in question.

  • Squirrels: The three types of squirrels to be concerned with are gray, red, and flying squirrels. We'll focus on locating the openings through which the squirrels make it inside your property. In addition, we'll make use of one-way doors and exclusion techniques. After all squirrels are removed, we'll seal up the entry points to prevent re-entry.

  • Skunks: With skunks, we first need to locate the foraging/den area. This ensures we know where to effectively place our traps, so we can get them removed from the property. After removal, we'll close in the opening with rocks and/or dirt.

  • Raccoons: Raccoons are sneaky, which is why we first identify the entry points. Once identified, we can get to work on placing the necessary traps to remove the raccoons from the premises.

  • Bats: For bats, we use one-way doors to facilitate the bats leaving your property without being allowed back inside. Once complete, we start working on the necessary exclusion work to prevent a future infestation.

  • Woodchucks: We'll even eradicate woodchuck infestations from your yard, so you can enjoy a peaceful property. After removal, we'll help you determine the best way to prevent them from coming back.

  • Opossums: Similar to skunks, we first need to locate the nesting area before we can remove the opossums from the premises. After trapping and removal, we close in the nest with rocks and dirt to prevent future infestations.

  • Chipmunks: We'll start by identifying entry points through which chipmunks are entering the structure. Once identified, we'll come up with a plan for treatment to eliminate the infestation. We will seal up entry points to prevent re-infestation once all chipmunks have been removed.

  • Birds: Birds, such as pigeons, can not only be a nuisance but also pose a health risk. To eliminate pest birds, we'll implement a deterrent treatment that best fits the needs of your pest bird problem.

  • Snakes: We will safely and effectively remove snakes from your property. Once removed, we will identify areas around your property that are appealing to snakes and come up with a plan to prevent them from returning.

As an additional service, we can safely remove and replace insulation that is damaged by pests. We will deodorized and sanitized the area to make your attic part of your home again. This includes insulation removal and replacement, air sealing, rodent dropping elimination, and debris removal.

Don't wait to tackle your nuisance wildlife problems by contacting one of our technicians today! We'll be there from start to finish to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Call Freedom Pest Control now to explore your home pest control options.


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