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What are woodchucks?

Woodchucks are large rodents that are common pests in Massachusetts and New Hampshire lawns and gardens. Though they look vastly different, they are, in fact, members of the squirrel family.  Like all rodents, woodchucks have large, continuously growing front incisors they use for feeding.

a woodchuck on someones property

Built for digging, woodchucks are powerhouses. These animals have compact, stout bodies covered in brownish-gray fur with a short furry tail. Woodchucks have front feet with long, curved claws for digging underground burrows they use to hide from predators and raise their young within.

Are woodchucks dangerous?

Woodchucks are a wild animal that is more of a danger to our property than they are to us. Woodchucks create burrows and create tunnels that extend up to 60 feet and have multiple levels. Mounds of soil at the exit and entrance holes of their burrows are not only unsightly but also can cause trip and fall hazards and make mowing difficult.

The damage these rodents can cause to lawns, gardens, and trees during the feeding process can be frustrating and expensive.

Why do I have a woodchuck problem?

Woodchucks consume about a third of their weight in food each day and therefore are on the constant lookout for reliable sources of food. Woodchucks are primarily herbivores, and their diet mainly consists of grasses, weeds, fruits, and vegetables. The search for food is what often attracts these pests to our properties. They will feed on gardens, berry bushes, trees, and lawns — eating dandelions, clover, flowers, and grass. If woodchucks learn that food is available on your property, they will keep returning and eventually create burrows.

Where will I find woodchucks?

Woodchucks are most active during the day and are often seen in open areas feeding — especially in the early morning hours. Some of the most common places to see these stocky pests include:

  • Fields and meadows

  • Pastures

  • Fence lines

  • Along roadside ditches

  • The base of trees

  • Yards

Since woodchucks like to burrow, they commonly wind up in crawl spaces and under sheds, garages, and building foundations, causing serious structural damage.

How do I get rid of woodchucks?

To get rid of troublesome woodchucks from your Massachusetts or New Hampshire property, trust the local professionals at Freedom Pest Control. We are dedicated to our customers and providing innovative and eco-friendly pest management that is coupled with friendly and caring customer service.

To rid yards of woodchucks, we use Havahart traps and work closely with homeowners to make changes around their property to prevent the future return of these destructive pests. If you would like to learn more about removing woodchucks from your property with the help of our reliable wildlife control services in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, give our professionals a call today!

How can I prevent woodchucks in the future?

Keeping pests like woodchucks away from your New England property is a never-ending task. The best way to accomplish your goal is to partner with a professional and implement the following prevention tips.

  • Place fencing around the bottom of decks, sheds, and similar areas to keep woodchucks from burrowing under them. 

  • Keep woodchucks out of crawl spaces or basements by placing covers over vents and other openings.

  • Fence in garden areas and use raised garden beds to help keep woodchucks from feeding on fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

  • Reduce hiding spots on your property. Keep shrubbery and other landscaping well-maintained.

  • Remove unnecessary wood piles and construction debris. 

  • Regularly mow your lawn to keep the grass short.

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