A Helpful Guide To Attic Remediation For Merrimac Homeowners

While attics can be great places to hold kinds of storage, they can also be a part of your Merrimac home that’s particularly appealing to pests. Because attics are often dark areas filled with lots of clutter and places to hide, they are a perfect area for certain pests to thrive. And, since you likely don’t go up to your attic all that often, pest infestations can exist there for months or years before you noticed them.

Attic space

Some of the most common attic pests are bats, squirrels, and rodents. While each of these species is different, they can all bring about problems if they start to live in your attic, and they can also cause safety risks and health concerns.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the issues associated with attic pests and find out the best way to take back control of your attic and protect your home.

What Kind Of Problems Do These Pests Cause?

First of all, rodents, bats, and squirrels can all cause property damage over time. Rodents are particularly troublesome as they will constantly gnaw through all kinds of materials including drywall, pipes, and even wood. Also, all three of these pests can stain and ruin items as they leave behind their droppings and urine, and the scent and mess from their waste can be overwhelming as it accumulates. Bats can also cause staining on the outside of your home as they leave behind guano.

The other big issue with pests in the attic is health risks. Rodents like mice and rats are especially common, and they can pose significant dangers. They are known to carry illnesses such as hantavirus and salmonellosis, and their droppings can cause respiratory problems.

All three of these species may also carry fleas and other parasites which can lead to the spread of even more pathogens. And, lastly, bats can occasionally have rabies. If bat feces builds up enough over time, it can lead to the release of fungal spores called histoplasmosis.

What Are Attic Remediation Services?

If your attic has become overrun with pests, the safest and easiest way to restore the space is with help from the experts at Freedom Pest Control.

Infestations can lead to a significant amount of damage and create a huge mess that is nearly impossible to remove on your own without putting your safety at risk.

Plus, to restore the attic to its original condition, you might need to fix things like electrical wires and air ducts. And, in order to keep the infestation from coming back, the insulation, walls, and flooring will need to be cleaned so that the smell doesn’t attract further pests.

Luckily, the experts at Freedom Pest Control can efficiently handle the entire problem. We will remove the current infestations and clean up the mess left behind with a focus on sanitation. We will then implement insulation removal and replacement to ensure no further infestations occur.

Get Started Protecting Your Home

If you have pest problems in your Merrimac attic, don’t let these difficult pests remain as they can put you and your family’s health at risk. Instead, contact¬†Freedom Pest Control¬†today to learn more about our attic remediation services.

Give us a call at (978) 767-2468 to request an inspection.

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