Rodent Control in Merrimac: DIY VS. Hiring A Professional

Rodents have been causing trouble for homeowners for as far back as we can tell. Even in ancient times, these pests spread diseases, damaged properties, and were a serious nuisance. Today, homeowners across America fight back against rodents. Some use DIY strategies, others turn to a professional. To help you decide what is best for your Merrimac home, here are some pros and cons of each of these methods.

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What DIY Prevention Strategies Work

There are many different DIY methods out there to help people deal with rodents around their homes. Some work, others don’t. To start things off today, we would like to offer you some of the best DIY prevention tips that will generally benefit you and work to deter rodents from your home and property.

  • Clean up your yard of clutter and debris like toys, sticks, and leaves.
  • Clear out a five-foot perimeter around your home by trimming back bushes and tree branches.
  • Eliminate sources of water build-up around your yard after it rains.
  • Make sure your piping and fixtures are not leaking.
  • Use some silicone caulk and steel wool to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior.
  • Repair damage to window/doors, screens, and door sweeps.
  • Invest in rodent-proof trash cans and clean out bins regularly.
  • Trim your lawn and landscaping at least once a week.
  • Store leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside of various sized, sealable containers.
  • Do your best to keep your living areas clean and tidy.
  • Wipe down sinks and bathtubs after using them.

All of these tips and tricks work to limit rodents’ access to your living areas and make it less likely for them to stay inside if they manage to find their way indoors. These tips are not, however, a guaranteed solution for these pests and will not help if your home is currently infested.

Does DIY Elimination Work?

There are many products that promise to eliminate rodents. We have found that many of these store-bought options are either ineffective or pose a risk to human health because of the chemicals they contain. Our suggestion is that, if your home has a rodent infestation, use snap traps and peanut butter for bait. If this solves your problem within a few weeks, great! If not, consider hiring a professional.

The Cost Of DIY

DIY prevention strategies cost more in time than they do in money. DIY elimination, on the other hand, can get pricey fast, especially if the products you buy do not solve your problem. If you have extra time on your hands and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, it is good to try to maintain DIY prevention so that rodents have no way or reason to invade. If you don’t have time or are looking for a less involved way to control rodents around your Merrimac property, then professional pest control service is what you need.

Some Reasons To Consider Professional Services Over DIY

At Freedom Pest Control, we do our best to make sure the benefits of our rodent control far outweigh the benefits of DIY. To do this we design our prevention plans to be affordable and offer quick and effective services to remove these furry pests from your home. If you are weighing your options today and are on the fence, give us a call. One of our friendly service representatives will walk you through our treatment plans, quote a price of service for your home and property, and answer any questions you have about pests or how our control methods work.

Regardless of what your pest problems are, find your Freedom from pests with Freedom Pest Control today!

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