How Professional Termite Control in Merrimac, MA Can Make Your Life Easier

Attaining a home or business in Merrimac doesn’t come without hard work. That said, it would be a shame to lose what you’ve earned to pesky wood-eating pests like termites. These insects can take everything away from you in the blink of an eye. What’s worse is that they can do so without you realizing it.

Termites tend to stay out of view, either beneath the soil or inside of building foundations. They can cause destruction silently. In America, people spend a community total of $5 billion trying to fight or recover from these bugs. Insurance companies won’t be of any help, sadly. Find out why contacting Freedom Pest Control is a better answer for termites than “do it yourself” tricks.

termites crawling on rotten wood

How Do Termites Behave? What Are Infestation Signs?

The termite colonies that violate your space are made of workers, soldiers, and swarmers. Appearances vary for each depending on the species. In this area, workers are typically white or grayish-white. They are just 0.12 of an inch long. Soldiers shield them from threats as they shred wood. These termites usually have yellow-brown skin, rectangular heads, and big defensive mandibles. Lastly, swarmers are brown, black, or yellow and ½ of an inch long. Being responsible for reproduction, they leave full nests to mate and begin new colonies. You can expect to see them in lampshades, window sills, and similar because they are drawn to light. Given how visible swarmers make themselves, they are proof of an infestation. Other signals are:

  • Drywall that is starting to be flabby and off-color
  • Walls having mud tubes, maze patterns, and needle-point holes in them
  • Weakening floorboards and loose tiles
  • Paint peeling, puffing up, and looking water damaged
  • Finding swells of fecal frass that resemble salt and pepper
  • Foundations that sound hollow
  • Discovering the scaly wings of swarmers

How Can Termites Be Prevented? Will Do-It-Yourself ( DIY) Tricks for Termites Work?

Boric acid, orange oil, and vinegar are some of the items people use to combat termites on their own. They also try to expose the wood in question to sunlight. Of course, retail baits, liquids, and other products are also relied on. You’ll only see temporary results, if any, with these avenues. Sporadic single termites might die, but an infestation is bound to continue. Many species may not even react to casual treatments. Pest specialists have the knowledge required to accurately label a subgroup of termites and choose an effective option.

On average, home and business owners don’t know how to measure the potency of a product or concoction. They could be especially tame or hazardous. In addition, there’s the potential of misunderstanding instructions, misapplying something, and being in the way of abrasive chemicals. Your DIY tries may harm humans, pets, and/or vegetation. On top of that, your termite issues may worsen.

Again, commercial goods will amount to superficial outcomes. Termite camps have loads of members, and they crawl deep in structures. Professional interventions are the best route.

These are the recommended independent preventative steps:

  • Refurbish or remove decayed or ruined wood.
  • Have moisture fractures fixed right away, particularly if it’s dampening wood.
  • Don’t let loose wood, such as carpentry panels, have contact with soil.
  • Seal up holes in foundations and utility lines.
  • Sit free wood and greenery two feet away from the property.
  • Have Freedom Pest Control do inspections annually.

How Will Freedom Pest Control Handle Termites?

We at Freedom Pest Control have the industrial-grade resources that are absolutely needed to eliminate termites. Our Certified Sentricon® Specialists will utilize Sentricon® System with Always Active™ and Recruit® HD ground baits to stop molting and target and kill colonies. Wood-destroying insect (WDI) and wood-destroying organism (WDO) reports are available. Call today for a free quote!

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