How To Keep Overwintering Pests From Invading My Merrimac, MA Home

Your Merrimac home could have some unwelcome and even dangerous guests this winter. And, unfortunately, you probably aren’t ready for those visitors. Every winter, pests make their way into Merrimac homes. By taking preventative measures, you may be able to keep the intruders from setting foot onto your property.

crawling cockroach

Common Overwintering Pests In The Area

The Merrimac area is home to several creatures that fall under the category of overwintering pests. For instance, squirrels like to seek shelter and food from local homes in the colder weather. As food becomes scarce outside and their natural shelters become cold, they move indoors. Rats and mice do the same thing, often trading out their outdoor living quarters for your attic or walls.

Other home invaders include spiders and cockroaches. While these pests can be in your home all year, they are even more likely to come inside as the weather becomes colder. They often follow the food, with roaches seeking crumbs from your meals and spiders seeking insects to catch and devour. In the winter, most pests are driven indoors to escape the harsh weather.

Indeed, some pests are merely a nuisance. However, most overwintering pests have the potential to do significant damage to your Merrimac property. Rodents chew on insulation and wires, which instantly causes a fire hazard. With sharp teeth, rodents can destroy anything behind your walls. By the time you notice them, the damage could be significant.

There’s also the risk of diseases. Both cockroaches and rodents spread diseases that could result in hospitalization. If you have young or older adults in your home, they are very vulnerable to the diseases spread by overwintering pests.

What It Takes To Keep Them Out

If you worry for the safety of yourself and your home, you should follow these simple winter pest prevention tips:

  • Seal Up Openings: In the winter, you might be able to identify openings around your window and door easily. If you feel any drafts, find out where they’re coming from and seal them up. Small cracks leave your home vulnerable to sharp rodent teeth. It may be necessary to install new screens around your windows or replace the weatherstripping around your doors.
  • Clean Well: Even before you have a holiday party, do a deep clean of your home. It’s not effective to only clean surfaces because your home could still have crumbs anywhere. If you don’t want hungry pests venturing inside, clean behind and under your home appliances. After you do a deep clean, make sure you keep up with the mess.
  • Check Your Pantry: It’s time to check your pantry for crumbs and open bags of food. If you don’t try to store your food properly, all types of Merrimac pests will come inside. Don’t make your home a target for all the rodents in your neighborhood; and instead, spend some time organizing your pantry.

The Most Effective Form Of Pest Prevention

This winter, you shouldn’t be vulnerable to the many overwintering pests waiting to get in your home. You deserve comfort and tranquility in your home and not the danger and chaos that comes with a pest infestation. An ounce of prevention goes a long way.

Here at Freedom Pest Control, we can take care of all your pest prevention needs. Before winter arrives, we do what’s necessary to ensure pests can’t get into your home. You don’t need to worry about a thing or deal with the aftermath of an infestation. Our highly experienced team is here to keep your home protected all winter long. If you’re interested in learning more about our home pest control services, call us today.

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