How To Keep Sugar Ants Out of My Merrimac Kitchen

As a Merrimac property owner, you’re likely to come across sugar ants. They come with the territory and just become a way of life. But you don’t deserve the frustration that comes with these ants. In truth, there is a way to keep sugar ants out of your kitchen and home for good.

ants in a bowl

What Are Sugar Ants?

It’s a common misconception that sugar ants are one type of ant. When people refer to sugar ants, they’re talking about any species of a small ant. These ants tend to look for sugary foods, so the name is fitting.

Most of the types of sugar ants are relatively harmless. After a while of living with them, you might not even worry about having sugar ants around. However, one type of sugar ant - the pharaoh ant - is dangerous. It’s capable of carrying and spreading bacteria to humans. In hospitals, pharaoh ants invade the wounds of patients and cause health complications.

It would be best if you didn’t live with the constant worry or annoyance that comes with an ant infestation. But that means you need to work towards keeping sugar ants out of your kitchen.

Sugar Ant Prevention Tips

If you are trying to keep sugar ants away on your own, you might try some ineffective solutions. For example, some homeowners use repellents to keep sugar ants away. But the repellent doesn’t work in your entire home and only keeps the ants away from a small area. It would help if you had a more effective way of deterring these pests.

For better results, make your home as unappealing to sugar ants as possible. This includes these steps:

Finding And Sealing Entrances: How do you keep a burglar from entering your home? You might install deadbolt locks or buy impact-resistant windows. If you want to keep ants out, you need to use a similar method. It’s essential to close up all how sugar ants could get inside. As with most tasks, this is easier said than done. Sugar ants are tiny and can enter your home through small cracks. If there are minute openings around your plumbing fixtures or electrical wiring, sugar ants can get indoors. Use caulk, sealant, and whatever else it takes to seal your home.

Don’t Leave Your Trash Out: If you keep your trash in an open bin, you could be inviting ants to a free meal. Would you say no to a free feast? Probably not, and ants are the same way. They can’t resist an open trash can because it’s full of food; as a way to deter ants, store your garbage in a can with a lid. You can purchase an easy-open trash can to reduce the hassle. All that matters is that your garbage remains in the can, and the lid remains closed.

Go Through Your Pantry: If you look into your pantry and move a few things around, you’re bound to find a few crumbs. People often forget to clean their pantries, just as they forget to store food properly. The sugar ants could be in your kitchen because of all the food in your pantry. Start by cleaning out your pantry shelves. Then, place all of your open food in sealed containers. Bags of sugar, pasta, and grains belong in closed, airtight containers.

Work With Us

If you really don’t want the danger and hassle of sugar ants in Merrimac, work with us at Freedom Pest Control. We can remove your current infestation and ensure the ants never come back into your kitchen or anywhere else in your home. Our trained team uses safe and effective methods of ant control. To learn more, call us now.

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