Oh No! Rats Are All Over My Merrimac Property!

Without pest control in Merrimac, critters will invade your property. They’re sure to destroy structures and belongings, and sickness is also a possibility. No rats should be around, especially if you want to maintain your well-being.

Different species of rats can enter your place in a flash and multiply. Learning about prevention measures is very necessary. Don’t wait until there’s a problem; managing these creatures after the fact will be an ordeal. Find out the best way to get rid of rats and how Freedom Pest Control can help.

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How Big Can The Rats In Merrimac Get?

Different species of rats exist in the region; the Norway and roof subtypes are prevalent. Being 15 inches long with 7-inch tails, Norway rats are intimidating. Color-wise, they’re gray, black, or brown. They have a reputation for digging tunnels and nests in soil, which wrecks landscaping. As you might imagine, they'll use the pathways to get indoors. Roof rats are about the same size as their Norway relatives; however, their eyes and ears are markedly larger. They also have pointed noses and scales covering their tails. Running on overhanging tree branches and power lines is how the black and brown rodents top buildings.

Your domicile or establishment will be bothered by Merrimac rats if it’s in the vicinity of a heavily vegetated location. Since vermin are drawn to organic matter, they will target ruffled yards. The availability of warmth, food, and water stimulates their presence too. When foundations are fragile, it makes it easy for rodents to penetrate. Generally, they can slip through holes just ½ of an inch in diameter. Openings can be in structures, vents, shingles, or utilities. Merrimac rats are liable to huddle in basements, garages, attics, and other dark zones with low traffic.

Infestation Signs Are As Follows:

  • Discovering fecal matter
  • Noticing teeth indentations on wires, walls, and furniture
  • Finding greasy rub stains on edges and foundations
  • Seeing ground burrows outside
  • Sightings of these nocturnal creatures during the day

If you come across sudden interior damages, there’s a strong chance that rats have infiltrated. They deal with their growing teeth by chewing on foundations, cables, and piping. You could face costly cosmetic, electrical shortages or fire, and plumbing repairs.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rats On My Property?

Rats are dangerous, they carry salmonella, trichinosis, and hantavirus. The microbes and parasites in their fur can contaminate your surfaces and food. Rats also have bacteria in their urine, feces, and saliva, and even worse, the pests get germs from grimy settings, like sewers and streets.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Rats?

Once more, it’s not difficult for rats to violate a residence or establishment. The access to resources they require for survival keeps them near. Considering these factors and their swift reproduction, it’s incredibly hard to combat the pests.

The Secret To Total Rat Control For Merrimac Properties

Home remedies for rats and mice aren’t sufficient for infestations. They often aren’t heavy-duty. Other issues are their steep prices and toxicity. If you want to avoid the diseases rats carry, preventative actions should be the focus. The best way to get rid of rats independently is to perform these tasks:

  • Eliminate all clutter
  • Put food and garbage in airtight canisters
  • Close cracks in utilities and foundations with steel wool
  • Fix moisture breakdowns
  • Have plants and wood away from the property
  • Remove organic debris
  • Groom the yard frequently
  • Clean gutters and vents often

The industrial-grade treatments we have at Freedom Pest Control are superior to home remedies for rats and mice. Our solutions are stronger and safer. Guarantees are available. Make sure you have no rats! Call us today for a free quote!

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