The Key To Keeping Bats Away From Your Merrimac, MA Home

Many people are afraid of insects. Several have abrupt movements or ominous appearances. It’s hard to predict what they’ll do or how harmful they could be. Pest control in Merrimac, MA, is a must because various species can sting, bite, or scratch humans. Further, they might be carriers of germs or diseases. While bugs need to be dealt with, you can’t forget about wildlife. Bat control, for instance, is just as important.

Bat control specialists for your Merrimac, MA home are needed because it’s not unheard of for these creatures to be in residential areas. They can damage property and cultivate illness. You have to be prepared for any incidents. Freedom Pest Control can help; we offer humane bat control and guidance.

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What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Access to shelter, food, and water draws bats to human dwellings. If you happen to have pest control problems, your place will be a target because these animals mainly feed on insects. Surrounding landscaping, dense vegetation, and bodies of water will also be an attraction point. Learning how to control bats in the attic is a pivotal part of management because they’ll penetrate the space and any louvers. They’ll also enter your domicile through facia boards, vents, chimneys, and doors. The critters prefer to be in dim spots with little traffic, like belfries, garages, sheds, and other outbuildings. When outside, they’ll nestle in hollow trees.

Signs Of Infestation Are:

  • Hearing scratching and squeaking
  • Noticing flying bats at dusk
  • Finding droppings
  • Detecting urine odors, particularly on warmer days

Without proper bat control, human health and well-being might be in jeopardy. These pests harbor pathogens, bacteria, and parasites. The fungus in their fecal waste can trigger lung disease. Moreover, they can pass along rabies; convulsions and psychological disruptions are symptoms of this condition. Mites and fleas crawl all over their bodies. Bats will bite when they feel defensive, so don’t get close to them.

The physical characteristics of bats vary. Many are brown, gray, or black. Some are as small as 2 inches long, while others are 5 inches. Their wingspan is usually much more extensive, up to 11 inches in multiple cases.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats?

How to control bats in the attic and overall begins with improved structural and yard maintenance. Constantly inspecting the exterior of your domicile can be arduous, but it’s crucial work. Bat control products from retail stores are hazardous to employ and can fall short, and they’re also costly. You’ll want to avoid these items and “do it yourself” concoctions.

Five Tips To Keep Bats Off Your Property

You should try these five helpful tips to discourage bats:

#1 Plug Up Holes: Patch up roofline openings, doors, and foundations. It may be appropriate to use caulk or steel wool. The latter is hard to chew through.

#2 Look At Screens And Sweeps: All doors that face the outside should have sweeps attached. Check to see that existing screens are in good condition. Every window and door should close and fit securely.

#3 Shield Vents And Chimneys: Cap each outer vent and chimney with a cover.

#4 Groom The Yard: See to it that you keep the grass cut. Don’t forget to trim plants, flowers, and trees regularly.

#5 Monitor Lawn Moisture: Try not to put too much water on the lawn or overplant your greenery.

Efficient Bat Removal in Merrimac, MA

Here at Freedom Pest Control have humane bat control tools. Our experienced technicians will address passageways with hard foam seals and install one-way doors. These animals won’t be able to return. The bat control products we utilize are safe and industrial-grade. Call today for a free quote! You can trust our bat control specialists for your Merrimac, MA home.

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