Answering Portsmouth's Most Commonly Asked Questions About Mice

Rodents are mammals found in more than 2,000 various species, which include mice, rats, squirrels, gophers, and many other troublesome and potentially harmful critters that will enter residential areas and cause problems. One common characteristic shared by rodents is a habit of constantly gnawing at things.

Mice are a small type of warm-blooded rodent that often live near humans, particularly if they have access to food, water, or shelter. As they move within a structure, mice leave a trail of feces, and males constantly spread urine used for marking their domain or territory. Mice have an oval-shaped body covered in fur that usually appears in shades of grey, brown, or black with a lighter-colored underside and a long tail.

Have you seen, heard, or noticed other indications of mice within your property? A professional provider of pest control in Portsmouth understands what is the best way to get rid of mice and how to prevent them from returning.

Mice eating cereals

Can Mice Eat Wood?

Although mice will gnaw on wood, drywall, and similar items, they generally will not consume these types of materials. What do mice eat outside? The common house mouse consumes an omnivorous diet that they will adapt according to the options available, which often include food scraps from trash areas. Mice often eat seeds, fruits, and grains and will enter garden areas and damage crops.

What Causes Mice In A Clean House?

Like many pests that behave as scavengers, you are somewhat more likely to find mice in homes with overflowing kitchen trash cans or crumbs littering the floors. However, they also might navigate their way indoors for shelter from the outside elements. What are mice attracted to indoors? Mice have a keen sense of smell that they rely on for locating food. Place leftovers in sealed containers and transfer dried foods from easily penetrable plastic packaging into something made of glass or another durable material.

Are Mice Harder To Get Rid Of Than Rats?

Despite having many similarities, rats have superior size and strength making them less vulnerable to smaller traps. Keep in mind that a home will generally never have both mice and rats, as rats will quickly drive their smaller enemy away from the premises. Rats also behave more cautiously when encountering changes within the physical environment and more commonly “learn” from previous mistakes such as walking into sticky traps.

Are you wondering how do I keep mice out of my house? Contacting a local pest control company is generally the best course of action when developing a mice prevention plan that will generate good results.

Consult The Professionals When Dealing With Rodents In Portsmouth

A technician with Freedom Pest Control will visit the property and conduct a detailed assessment of the interior and exterior areas. We will examine hard-to-reach spots where these pests often hide and ensure that the extent of the infestation is properly determined.

After completing an inspection, our specialist will explain the best available treatment options based on the unique set of circumstances that exist. Our team recognizes that “one-size-fits-all” solutions are inappropriate; therefore, our customized treatment plan may involve one or more of the latest methods introduced in the pest control industry.

Some of the options that we might deploy include bait stations or traps that we strategically position within the structure to ensure a positive outcome. Implementing highly effective exclusionary strategies is critical in preventing these types of pests from reemerging and navigating their way indoors.

Since 1994, the specialists with Freedom Pest Control have delivered results for Portsmouth-area customers facing pest-related concerns.  
In addition to mice, we also expel ants, termites, bed bugs, and many other bothersome and potentially dangerous pests that exist in this region. We feel a portion of our lengthy history of success results from our superior focus on customer service.  

Contact us today for an onsite assessment.

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