Rats In Merrimac: The Best Way To Get Rid Of Them Quickly

Rats are pests in Merrimac that many people have questions about. Some people don’t mind rats and even enjoy the fact that they make intelligent pets, while others find even the sight of a rat very terrifying. Whether you like rats or not, the truth is that they are dangerous to have around your property. Wild rodent populations are never a good thing, and rats can cause many problems. In this guide, you’ll learn why rat control is essential and learn how to eradicate rats in Merrimac.

norway rat in house

What Do Rats In Merrimac Look Like?

You probably know what rats look like overall. These rodents have long bodies and even longer tails with four legs and narrow snouts. However, sometimes people have a hard time telling mice and rats apart. They do look similar, but rats are much bigger when fully grown and can get over a foot long, including their tails.

Rats also have a blunter face shape and shorter, thinner tails than mice do. Most rats are a brownish-grey color, but some are dark brown or black. It just depends on the particular species you are dealing with. Norway rats are lighter colored, while roof rats are darker.

Signs Of Rats In Your Merrimac Home

The first step to handling rats in Merrimac is knowing how to identify them in your home in the first place. Along with knowing what they look like, it’s also useful to know other indicators of rat activity. Rats are destructive pests because they have to constantly chew on things in order to grind their ever-growing teeth down.

Their gnawing means they can damage personal belongings and the structure of your home, and it also means they leave signs of their presence around if you know what to look for. Signs of rats include:

  • Hearing scurrying sounds in walls
  • Finding chew marks and holes around baseboards and furniture
  • Discovering small droppings that are brown and rod-shaped
  • Seeing rub marks from where rats press their bodies against walls or other objects

The Damage Rats Can Cause To Merrimac Homes

As mentioned above, rats can be really destructive with their constant chewing. They can destroy everything from electrical wires and plumbing to drywall and clothing. Their fur, urine, and feces can also build up around the property and create large messes.

The other issue is that mice are dangerous. The things they leave behind can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks, and rats can also spread diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, and rat-bite fever.

Because rats can be so difficult to deal with and will put your health at risk, it is best to get professional pest control to remove them and prevent them in the future.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Merrimac Fast!

Unfortunately, rats are some of the most difficult pests in the area to keep out because they are so common and so dependent on humans for their survival. Once inside, they are also nearly impossible to eradicate using DIY options. Luckily, the professional pest control experts at Freedom Pest Control can help.

We make rodent control easy on you by providing exemplary services that remove current infestations and prevent more in the future. Find out more about effective rat control and mouse control by calling us today to set up an inspection.

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