Keeping The Portsmouth Squirrels Off Your Property

If you live around the Portsmouth area, you have seen squirrels dashing around your neighborhood. Did you know that squirrels can be very damaging home invaders? Squirrels and a few other wildlife creatures will turn your Portsmouth home into a playground of destruction if you don’t stop them.

Enlisting the aid of a Portsmouth pest control company like ours can help eliminate your wildlife problem. Keep reading to learn more about why wildlife removal in Portsmouth can benefit you and your home today.

gray squirrel

Where Squirrels Like To Hide

Squirrels are quick, agile, and like to hide in places they can’t be disturbed. These hiding spots can be tree dens around your home or inside your walls, crawl spaces, and attics. Your home is an ideal spot for squirrels because of the warm shelter it can provide and also the ever-present array of food inside.

Squirrels can roam around within your walls at all hours, keeping you and your pets on edge. They can multiply into a thriving nest and overrun your home quickly. You can handle a squirrel problem independently, but it can be a safety hazard and very time-consuming. Therefore, you might find that wildlife management is the best solution for your infestation.

Deterring Squirrels In Your Attic

Squirrels can cause a lot of damage when inside your home. They can chew, claw, and tear up different materials in your walls or attic to build their nests. The following are a few additional tips you can use to prevent squirrels from taking up residence in your attic:

  • Setting up a radio or noise maker will scare squirrels away.
  • Mothballs can be used to deter squirrels and other wildlife due to the smell.
  • You can set up flashing lights to scare squirrels and other wildlife.
  • Remove any branches that lead to your roof.
  • Homemade squirrel spray can be used to deter them from setting up a nest in your attic.

While this can be a D.I.Y., you should contact wildlife control services for safety and efficiency. A professional team can eliminate your squirrel problem quickly with the right tools and experience.

Getting Rid Of Squirrels In Crawl Spaces

One of the key reasons it’s beneficial to have a wildlife expert aid you in riding your home of squirrels is the danger they pose. Squirrels might seem unassuming, but they can carry and transmit many different diseases and infections to you and your pets. Some of these afflictions include:

  • Tularemia
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies
  • Lyme disease
  • Salmonellosis

These diseases are caused by droppings they leave behind, their fur, and ticks they can pick up. This does not include the horde of food they can store in your crawl spaces throughout your home. The food they store can attract other wildlife and thus cause other health problems and safety concerns.

Total Wildlife Control For Portsmouth Homes

The best kind of wildlife removal near you can be found right around the corner with us at Freedom Pest Control. Our team knows what to look for when identifying an unassuming home invader, and we can safely remove the problem. You don’t have to stand for the damage, and danger wildlife can inflict upon your home.

Give us at Freedom Pest Control a call to learn about our different wildlife pest control options. Our team is proud to provide top-notch pest control services to our community. We want to give you your peace of mind back while you’re in the comfort of your own home. You can count on us at Freedom Pest Control for an experienced team and friendly service, so call today.

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