Termite Infestations Can Be Hard To Deal With In Portsmouth

Termites can ravage your home in Portsmouth quicker than you might think! When these bugs get inside your walls, they can amass into a large colony in days. On top of that, termites are sneaky, and it can be months until you start to notice any real damage around your Portsmouth home.

The best thing you can do is take proper preventative measures and have your home inspected. A Portsmouth pest control company like ours can aid you on all fronts starting with top-notch inspections. Keep on reading to learn more about termites and how you can best deal with them.

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Signs Of Termite Damage You Should Look Out For

If you want to know how to get rid of termites, you should first know what to look for. Termite damage can take a while to show, but you can get ahead of the problem when you understand what subtle signs to look for. Look for these key signs of termite damage today:

  • Discolored wood or drywall.
  • Small prick-looking holes in the wall.
  • Stuck windows or doors.
  • Squeaky or buckling floorboards.
  • Dropping or crumbling wood frames or walls.

This can all be just the beginning of the damage around your home. If you want to minimize the damage, you need to eliminate the problem first. Acting quickly can save you both time and money on repairs to your home and ensure that it is once again clear of infestation.

Just A Few Termites Or An Infestation?

Termite identification can play a part in how you go about dealing with an infestation. One of the termites you should look out for is a swarmer termite. These are adult termites with wings and can often be mistaken for flying carpenter ants. If you have only a few termites in your home, that can quickly lead to an infestation. However, finding a few with wings and swarmers can mean a few different things.

Finding swarmers can mean that your home is already extensively infested, and you need to act quickly. It can also mean that a new colony will take root in another section of your home. Swarmers detach from an already established colony to expand and create a new one.

Repairing Termite Damage In Portsmouth

No matter what kinds of termites your home hosts, the damage can be extensive. If you don’t eradicate every last termite within your walls, you leave your home open to their resurgence. It will be a tough uphill battle with no guarantee if you try to handle the termite infestation yourself. If you want to protect your home from further damage, your best bet will be to enlist the help of an experienced team.

A professional team can eliminate your infestation, and with us, you always get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Termites are tiny in reference to the size of your home, and they are skilled at hiding. Reach out to pest control professionals to end your infestation so you can focus on the repairs and safety of your home.

Total Termite Control Services: No Problem Too Big Or Small

Calling us at Freedom Pest Control is the best way to get rid of termites quickly. Time is not on your side when it comes to a termite infestation! Therefore, you must get help sooner rather than later to minimize any damage termites can cause. D.I.Y.s will not cut it with these tiny pests and the significant impact they can inflict upon your home.

Our team at Freedom Pest Control has been in business for nearly three decades, since 1994. There is no job too big or problem too small that we can’t effectively handle. Finding a team with termite experience can ensure that the job will get done the right way, quickly, and efficiently. You won’t find a more experienced team than us at Freedom Pest Control, so call us today!

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