What To Do About Skunks Invading Your Portsmouth Yard

Whether you notice it as you step out onto your porch, or during a neighborhood stroll with Rover, you don’t question the source of that horrible smell. You know what it is. But where is it coming from? You stop, tightly grasp Rover’s leash, and nervously glance around to make sure you’re not crossing its path. Sound familiar? It’s our old friend the skunk.

More often than not, you don’t even see them. They don’t want to be anywhere near you just as much as you don’t want to be near them. But if you surprise one or it feels threatened, you may be in for an extremely unpleasant experience. If you happen to be struggling with a skunk issue in your yard, give your local Portsmouth pest control company a call. Freedom Pest Control offers wildlife control services for situations such as this.


Where Do Skunks Like To Hide?

Skunks are wild animals, so why would a skunk be in your yard? Urban sprawl and a lack of wildlife management may be partially responsible for animals like these sharing your property with you. The more neighborhoods and shopping centers that are built, the less natural habitat is available for skunks. You may also be unknowingly providing the perfect space for them. Why should they bother creating a den for their skunk family, when you’ve already done it for them? Here are some typical denning sites where skunks may take refuge or even call home:

  • One of the most common places a skunk may hide is underneath porches or crawl spaces under a house.

  • A raised building, like a shed in the backyard, may also serve as a shelter.

  • They often dig their dens under stacks of wood or stone walls.

  • Open garage doors are perfect invitations for temporary or permanent places of retreat.

In short, skunks will take advantage of any opportunity given to them when seeking a place to hide or take up residence. 

What To Do If You Have Been Sprayed By A Skunk

One of the most popular solutions you’ll hear about is the use of tomato products, like tomato juice. Oatmeal and beer also seem to be common recommendations. These remedies only serve as a mask for the odor. They don’t actually neutralize the organic compound produced by skunks' scent glands, causing the odor. 

For best results, it is suggested that you immediately wash your entire body with a deodorant soap or a dish detergent made to cut grease. Taking a bath with baking soda has also been proven successful. Add two to four cups of baking soda to the hot bath water and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide can also help eliminate the odor; keep in mind that peroxide can bleach hair, fabric, and surfaces.

Ways To Deter Skunks In Portsmouth

To keep skunks from visiting or taking up residence in your yard, following these tips can make your property less attractive to skunks.

  • Install or create barriers to eliminate access to areas underneath porches and outdoor buildings.

  • Don’t leave pet dishes outside. Feed your pets inside if possible. Also, store any pet or bird food in an enclosed area.

  • Make sure trash cans stored outside have a tight seal when closed.

  • Remove any log or rock piles to reduce the possible sites for skunks to create their dens.

In essence, cutting down on any food sources or possible denning sites can help greatly in skunk prevention. 

Keeping Skunks Away From Your House For Good

Although the above suggestions will reduce the chance of skunks coming around, they are no guarantee. Don’t be a target for the wrong end of a skunk. For the best results, call Freedom Pest Control. Our wildlife experts have more than 25 years of experience in skunk and rodent control.

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