Subterranean Termites Can Be Hard To Get Rid Of In Portsmouth

Only professionals can be trusted with effective subterranean termite treatment in Portsmouth in terms of termite removal. Contact Portsmouth pest control at the first signs of termites to fully eradicate this destructive pest.

termite mud tube on a window

Signs Of Subterranean Termites On Your Portsmouth Property

You can keep an eye out for several signs of termites to determine whether or not this pest has moved onto your property. A termite problem is always best treated early, so be sure to keep the items below in mind:

  • Mud tubes may be present in your yard and cross from the soil to the foundation of your home. You may also find mud tubes along floors, baseboards, windowsills, or wooden furniture.
  • You may see pinpoint holes in the walls or find evidence of termite frass alongside baseboards and windowsills. Termite frass appears much like small wood shavings.
  • You can hear rustling or clicking sounds in the walls, especially at night, and the wood of the walls sounds hollow.
  • You have tight-fitting doors or windows, sinking floors, bulging walls, or dipping ceilings.
  • Wood in your home appears damaged or breaks easily at a touch.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites

Termite removal is difficult in your Portsmouth home because this pest tends to infiltrate silently and get to work destroying the internal wooden structures of your home before you notice there is a significant issue. By the time problems are detected, the termites are already deep into the hardest to reach areas of your home and tunneling away – only professional subterranean termite treatment in Portsmouth can help you at this point.

How Do Subterranean Termites Get Into Homes?

Subterranean termites will invade homes most commonly by crossing from the soil around your home into any internal wooden structure they can reach. This is done by building mud tubes that connect the soil of your home to the foundation or by sneaking in through gaps in windows, doors, and your home’s foundation. They may also invade through damp or damaged wood on the outside of your home, leading to the inside.

If you want to stop subterranean termites from getting into your home, you can follow the steps below:

  • Reduce soil to wood contact around your home.
  • Address moisture issues that may attract termites to your yard.
  • Clear your yard of debris such as tree stumps and fallen branches and store woodpiles away from the home.
  • Seal up potential termite entry points around windows, doors, and the foundation. Also, seal the gaps between utility lines.
  • Invest in regular termite inspections to ensure your property stays protected from this pest year-round.

Who To Call About Subterranean Termites

If you have a termite problem, you should contact the best termite control company for your Portsmouth home at the first hint that termites might be invading your home. Our professionals at Freedom Pest Control are highly trained and ready to help you tackle the removal of any termite infestation, no matter the size of the damage they are causing.

With the help of the experts and their in-depth inspections of your home and effective, customized treatment plans, you will be able to entirely remove subterranean termites from your property to stop termite damage from creating costly repairs. You can protect your property from future termite invasion.

So, leave the termite removal to the professionals and contact Freedom Pest Control today.

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