The Key To Keeping Skunks Away From Your Home In Merrimac

If skunks are invading your Merrimac home, you are likely wondering about the most effective – and least odor-inducing – way to remove them from your property. Fortunately for you, Merrimac pest control can help provide you with all the advice and assistance you need when it comes to skunk removal.

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How To Tell If Skunks Are In Your Yard?

There are several ways to tell if skunks are invading your yard or not. We list these items below so you can have an easier time determining a wildlife problem:

  • An unpleasant smell hanging around your yard is one of the most common skunk signs. If you find a musty odor lingering, you should be wary of a skunk hiding nearby.
  • You may see skunks around your yard, which is another significant sign of infestation. This black and white striped critter is likely to come out at night due to its nocturnal nature.
  • You find skunk tracks around areas of your property (these are similar to raccoon tracks, except skunk tracks won’t have a distinct heel).
  • Your yard is becoming destroyed due to skunks digging for larvae and shelter. Trampled vegetation may surround these holes.

It would help if you kept in mind that when you need help verifying a skunk infestation, you can reach out to the specialists at Freedom Pest Control for more help with identification.

What Attracts Skunks To Your Yard?

Skunks may be attracted to your yard for many different reasons. A large part of effective skunk control is limiting the availability of these factors:

  • Uncovered garbage, food left outside (including pet food), or easy access to compost piles
  • The openings under sheds or crawl spaces (these make for accessible, safe skunk shelter)
  • Easy access to moisture caused by leaks or improper yard drainage
  • An infestation of insects that skunks prefer to eat (such as beetles and their larvae)

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Skunks?

The best way to keep skunks off your property is to implement prevention tactics while also reaching out to the professionals at Freedom Pest Control. Skunk prevention tactics for your yard include:

  • Removing access to outdoor pet food, especially at night. You should also cover compost piles and use trash cans with lids to stop skunks from scavenging in these areas.
  • Fixing moisture issues around your property, ensuring gutters are clear, and that your yard has proper drainage. This prevents excess water from attracting skunks.
  • Filling holes in your yard and removing debris such as leaf litter or fallen branches. Keep the grass in your yard trimmed low to locate holes and skunk tracks easier.
  • Reducing access to outdoor sheds and areas such as crawl spaces. Use mesh wiring to block these areas to stop skunks from nesting in them.

Complete Wildlife Pest Control Services In Merrimac

When it comes to skunk removal, you'll want a professional wildlife pest control service that you can trust. Fortunately, Freedom Pest Control offers highly experienced technicians that will provide your yard with in-depth inspections and work to treat your property fully for this pest. With the expertise of our professionals, you won’t need to worry about encountering one of these critters on your property or accidentally being sprayed.

Contact Freedom Pest Control today to eliminate this nuisance pest.

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