Help! What Do I Do About Beavers Around My Portsmouth Home?

There are many brooks, creeks, and streams here in Portsmouth. What does this mean for you? It implies that beavers might be a problem on your property. These aquatic rodents like to chew on trees and damage property. We will talk about beavers today and share some secrets to control these wildlife pests here in Portsmouth. If you are curious to know more, continue reading. For quick information about wildlife pest control in Portsmouth, check out our wildlife control service page.

Are Beavers Considered Invasive?

Beavers thrive here in New England. They are not, however, an invasive species. As of this moment, they are mainly beneficial creatures. They increase biodiversity, which is a huge benefit to our area's ecosystem. They help provide homes for other animals, such as minks, river otters, and muskrats. All of this good, however, doesn't mean beavers can't be a problem. Many issues arise when these wild rodents build their dams in unwanted areas or on local properties.

What Damage Can Unwanted Beavers Cause?

You may not have thought of beavers as pests because, most of the time, they aren't. You will never find one of these rodents on your property chewing on your house. They are too timid to spend time close to populated areas. They are not, however, timid about building a dam across the stream on your property and chewing down several trees in the process. This activity can lead to flooding and timber loss. Sometimes flooding leads to road closures and damage to untreated wooden structures. If this weren't enough, beavers are also a threat because of the diseases and parasitic pests they carry. Your goal as a homeowner should be to keep these aquatic rodents as far away from your property as possible.

How To Control Beavers On Private Land

There are many ways to protect your property from potentially problematic beavers. The first and most obvious solution is to install a large fence around the perimeter of your land. Make sure this fence is sturdy and blocks the ability of beavers to climb under it. We recommend doing a perimeter check for dirt mounds and damaged posts once every month or two.

Another great way to deter beavers is to make trees inaccessible. This answer involves installing a trunk guard made of galvanized welded wire for bigger trees. Find material for this at your local hardware store.

Some property owners use expensive and complex deterrent devices to scare off beavers. These systems are usually difficult to install and utilize properly. We highly recommend finding a professional to install one of these prevention methods if you have a serious problem with beavers on your land.

Wildlife Control Made Easy For Portsmouth Residents

If you keep seeing beavers on your property and are at your wits end dealing with these pests, let our team help. Freedom Pest Control is a local company that helps individuals find solutions for a wide range of common and uncommon pest problems. Let us be your wildlife expert and offer some simple solutions for local wildlife removal. We will visit your property, assess the extent of your beaver problem, and put in place traps, bait, and other conventional solutions to remove these pests. Wildlife control isn't complicated when you have trained technicians on your side.

Contact us if you have questions about our wildlife pest control. Let us explain our services and help you schedule an appointment for your Portsmouth property.

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