The Struggle With Termite Control In Portsmouth

Is there a right time to treat your home for termites here in Portsmouth? That's a great question. As you might know, termites are the most destructive insect in our area and are responsible for millions of dollars of damage in the United States each year. Today we will discuss how to address these insects and what methods work best to remove an active termite infestation in Portsmouth. If you are interested to learn more, keep reading. For fast services to eliminate and prevent termites, call Freedom Pest Control. Our team will find a solution that best meets your need.


Signs Of Termite Damage You Should Look Out For

If termites have been in your home for over a few months, you may start noticing some concerning things with your walls, ceilings, floors, and other structural components. Termite damage typically presents itself with moisture problems, which might include tight-fitting doors and windows, sagging drywall, wet or bubbling paint or wallpaper, and swelling beams and other supports. Long-term termite damage leads to more serious problems, including buckling beams, visible damage, sagging floors and ceilings, and total structural collapse. These problems are unlikely to occur unless you actively avoid these wood-eating bugs. If you want help with early termite identification, consider scheduling your home and property for a yearly wood-destroying insect report inspection. We offer this service at Freedom Pest Control.

Just A Few Termites Or An Infestation?

Where there is one termite, there is almost always more. These pests are social creatures that work hard to gather food (wood) for their colony. The only time termites leave their nest for good is during the swarming season, when winged termites look for new places to build new colonies. With this in mind, if you see swarmers around your home, know that these pests are looking to settle in. If you see swarmers indoors, it most likely means your home already has an active infestation. If you are looking for some ways to deter swarmers and other termites from chewing on your house, here are a few basic prevention tips to try:

  • Repair water-damaged wood inside your house.
  • Store firewood and lumber at least 30 feet from your home's exterior.
  • Remove sticks, leaves, cardboard, newspaper, and other wood-based clutter from your property.
  • Address moisture issues inside your home.
  • Seal gaps and cracks in your home's exterior.
  • Repair damage to windows and doors.

For more help deterring termites, refer to the professionals at Freedom Pest Control.

Repairing Termite Damage

Have you ever taken a drive and noticed homes that look decrepit and like they are about to fall apart? Chances are those buildings have either termites or some other wood-destroying insect infestation. If you find evidence of termites early, repairing the damage they have done is not too difficult. In fact, you can ignore most early termite damage. Severe problems arise, though, the longer these pests chew through structural wood. As foundational beams, planks, and siding become noticeably damaged, the only solution is to replace them fully. As you can imagine, this can cost a lot.

Total Termite Control Services: No Problem Too Big Or Small

When it comes to termite removal, your best option is here with our team. At Freedom Pest Control, we make sure our termite control options are effective while not breaking the bank. Whether you are up against a massive infestation or just trying to keep these pests out, we have your solutions here. 

Call now to learn more about termite protection in Portsmouth and schedule your home and property for a detailed treatment. Let our team show you what home pest control is supposed to look like.

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