Don't Let Gray Squirrels Run Amok On Your Merrimac Property

Did you know that rodents (order Rodentia) comprise the largest single group of mammals that exist today—equating to roughly 40% overall?
Squirrels are among the various types of rodents that will plague area homeowners, especially by gnawing through wires or cables and infiltrating attics or other upper-floor areas of homes. As with all rodents, squirrels continually gnaw or chew on objects, partly because they sharpen and manage the overgrowth of their front teeth, known as incisors.

In the Merrimac region, the majority of those found are tree squirrels that remain visible as they gather food, climbing through trees, power lines, and roofs, demonstrating their acrobatic abilities and distinct bushy tails. Squirrels often enter homes through chimneys or holes that develop along eaves and people sometimes hear them scurrying in attics or through interior walls.

Are you struggling to control squirrels or other types of rodents on your property? Seeking a professionally performed inspection is the best initial step following a rodent intrusion. A well-equipped and trained Merrimac pest control professional understands the best squirrel control methods and the best ways how to get rid of rodents in yard areas.

Gray squirrel

The Types Of Squirrels That Hang Around Yards

An estimated 200 different squirrel species exist throughout the world, with more than 60 types found in North America. Some of the most commonly encountered types of squirrels in Merrimac include the following:

  • Gray squirrels: The eastern gray squirrel has a gray coat and a light-colored belly and chin. Considered a medium-sized type, gray squirrels usually have a 9-to-11-inch body and a 6-to-9-inch furry tail. 
  • Flying squirrels: As smaller types, the northern and southern flying squirrels have a flap or fold of skin that spans the area between the front and rear legs, which appears similar to a pair of wings. Flying squirrels do not actually fly; instead, they appear as gliding or parachuting.  
  • Red squirrels: The American red squirrel is a small type measuring less than 15 inches, including the tail with fur that often appears red and grey.

As primarily omnivorous eaters, all of these tree squirrel species consume seeds, nuts, berries, fungi, cones from evergreen trees, and more.  

The Diseases Gray Squirrels Are Capable Of Spreading

Do squirrels carry harmful diseases? Squirrels might spread tularemia and ringworm, and their urine and excrement may promote pathogens. They may also bring parasites such as fleas and ticks inside homes and can damage insulation, wiring, and other materials found in homes.

Birdfeeders often draw squirrels; therefore, consider positioning them away from the structure best. Squirrels may also enter gardens containing fruits and vegetables, an activity that homeowners can curtail by installing barriers such as netting, chicken wire, and other materials.

Complete Wildlife Pest Control Services In Merrimac

Many local property owners try taking matters into their own hands when struggling with squirrels. Some of these individuals shop at local retailers and purchase traps, repellants, and other rodent control products. Unfortunately, many of these mass-marketed pest control options are insufficient against larger rodent infestations, are often inhumane, and could pose risks for homeowners with small children or pets.

The experts with Freedom Pest Control know how to get rid of wildlife pests safely and the best preventative measures that will keep the many kinds of rodents out of your home. Our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect the property, as needed to determine the extent of the rodent intrusion, all likely points of entry, and the most suitable form of treatment.

Our customers appreciate how we will answer any questions that arise and ensure our work performance with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact our office today regarding an estimate.

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