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What To Do About Smelly Skunks Living On Your Merrimac…

Having a hard time deciding whether or not skunks are on your property? We have a few tricks to help you figure it out. Read More

What To Do About Skunks Invading Your Portsmouth Yard

skunk on lawn

You don’t want skunks invading your Portsmouth yard, and you definitely don’t want to surprise one. Learn where skunks hide and what you should do if one sprays you. Read on to learn about skunks… Read More

The Key To Keeping Skunks Away From Your Home In…

skunk standing in a field

Want to keep skunks away from your Merrimac home? We tell you everything you need to know. Read More

The Real Problem That Skunks Bring To Your Merrimac…

A skunk crawling in the grass.

Skunks aren’t rodents, but they can still be dangerous to have around your Merrimac property. Learn about the risks skunks pose and how to prevent them. Read More


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