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How To Deal With A Hornets Nest On Your Merrimac…

stinging insects on nest

Hornets and wasps are dangerous, making it hard to enjoy the outdoors. It’s time to safely take your yard back and learn how to eliminate them from your home. Read More

Are Bald-Faced Hornets Taking Over Your Portsmouth…

a bald faced hornet crawling on wood

Bald-faced hornets are a real problem here in Portsmouth. Learn what they look like and how to detect if you have bald-faced hornet nests on your property. Read further to get some tips on how to… Read More

Do You Need Help Dealing with Hornets in Merrimac?

hornet on nest

Do you know how to identify hornets from other types of stinging insects? There are two types of hornets in Merrimac. Find out how to keep them off of your property.   Read More

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Portsmouth Yard

close up of wasp on a glass

Have wasps invaded your property? Learn how to recognize them, why they can be problematic in your yard, and how to keep them away naturally with these safe wasp prevention and nest removal tips. Read More

Are Yellow Jackets In Merrimac, MA Dangerous?

yellow jacket crawling on a wooden table

Yellowjackets are a common predatory social wasp that nests in the ground, in hollow logs and in other convenient spots. These wasps are one of the more problematic pests for homeowners in Merrimac… Read More

How To Keep Hornets & Wasps Away From Merrimac Yards

hornet up close

Dealing with hornets and wasps is the unfortunate reality of warm weather in Massachusetts. You’ve waited all winter to get outside and relax in your yard, but aggressive stinging insects can spoil… Read More

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